Persuasive Leadership™

Leadership Is More A State Of Mind Than A Level Of Intelligence!

"May you live in interesting times," is an old Chinese proverb as it relates to change.  These are changing and challenging times, especially as a leader.  Today, you don't have to be a manager or supervisor to become a leader.  Leadership is defined by example and positive persuasion.  It's all about coaching, guiding and persuading your people to maximize their potential to be the best.  This is what separates an ordinary leader from being an extraordinary leader.

Sell, Not Tell & Explain The "Why" To Get Acceptance!

A persuasive leader learns to sell, not tell...not manipulate, but sincerely seek a Win/Win solution and share the results with the team.  Team members do not want to be told directly what to do and how to do it.  They will accept ideas and suggestions when told why.  The success of leadership is based on taking the time to communicate the "why's" in order to get associates actively engaged in the workplace.

An Organization Can't Change Unless the People Change!

Leadership provides the catalyst to achieve the action needed to launch new products, develop innovative processes and provide better, more in-depth customer service.  Training becomes the vehicle to communicate change.  Leaders need people skills and not just job or technical skills to maintain the standards of excellence and achieve the organizational efficiencies bestowed upon them.  It takes practice, drill and repetition to perfect these fundamentals, all in an open learning environment that promotes teamwork and trust.

Experience These Learning Outcomes!

  • Sell, not tell and explain the "why" to get acceptance and improve productivity.
  • Set the stage for innovation and creativity to continuously improve operations.
  • Develop people skills to motivate and inspire team members to action.
  • Deal with cultural changes to survive global competition.
  • Coach for high performance to improve work habits and better quality of life.

Customize a leadership process for your culture and integrate with your strategic initiatives for acceptance and action.

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