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The Sales Professional®

A Sales Certification Process For Next Generation Selling

Sales Professionals are eligible for TSP Certification after completing the three levels of sales training.  Certification is granted by Butler Learning Systems based on over 50 years of sales leadership and backed by hundreds of thousands of Sales Professionals who have proven and verified the effectiveness of the Sales Certification Process.  Once certified, The Sales Professional® is entitled to all rights and privileges to use the initials "TSP" to designate achieving this certification.

Level 1 - Next Generation Selling:

Successful Habits for The Sales Professional®

Level 2 - Next Generation Skills: Negotiation-Selling - 

Advanced Selling Skills For The Sales Professional®

Level 3 - The Sales Professional® Account Management Practices

Why Sales Certification?

There are many challenges facing all sales forces access to buyers, less customer loyalty, product complexity and increased customer sophistication.  Add to that, obsolete selling systems, inadequate resources and lack of sales leadership have created a different selling environment for Next Generation Selling.  The power has shifted from the seller to the buyer and buyers are flexing their power in an inordinate way to the sellers.  No longer are we pushing a product.  Customers and buying needs have changed creating the transformation of the new Sales Professional.

This new breed of Sales Professional will develop and evolve like other professionals:  doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers.  Knowledge and skills development require continuing education and training.  All professions have three basic requirements:

                                                            1.  Education, studies and training in basic principles

                                                            2.  A standard licensing or certification process

                                                            3.  Professionals are specialized

Other industries and professions offer certification in a multitude of disciplines.  Internally, there are purchasing, quality, HR and technical certifications requiring continuing education to maintain licensing.  Externally, there are real estate, insurance, financial planning, cosmetology and a myriad of health services, etc.  It is our vision to certify Sales Professionals in a similar fashion to raise the standards of sales excellence.  For over 55 years, Butler Learning Systems has trained, educated and certified Sales Professionals by the thousands and will continue to do so for Next Generation Selling.  It's an honor and privilege to be recognized as The Sales Professional®.