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​The Habit of SERVICE™

Customer Service Is A Human Experience Between The Service Provider & The Customer!

In the delivery of the service or product, there are many "points of interaction" with the customer.  These are also referred to as a "moment of truth" or "touchpoint" which occurs whenever there is a customer contact.  Each point of interaction can create a positive or negative experience for the customer.  But, it's always an opportunity to meet and exceed the customers' expectations because that is the moment when the customer forms a perception of your company, its people and its products and services.

Your Culture Is Showing!

Customers look at your environment in one of two ways.  The customer either perceives you being pleasant and friendly with a willingness to serve, or you come across as negative, condescending and basically suffering from the syndrome "the customer is the enemy."  Which culture do you have at your company?  Does your customer service come across as your secret weapon, or is it  "the customer is the enemy?" Creating a customer service culture begins with training your associates and equipping them with the proper tools and resources to implement Service Excellence and create a positive experience for the customer that keeps them coming back.  Providing quality service isn't improving technology and machines, it's all about the human interaction of people serving people!    

Training Becomes The Vehicle For Change!

Customer service training is not about telephone techniques and fancy slogans or themes.  Customer service training should be about understanding people, dealing with personalities and especially behaviors.  Today, people skills are needed more now than ever before. Service Excellence is a human experience and it's emotional.  When you demonstrate a willingness to serve and the customer senses it, you exceed their expectations.  Remember, your company can't change its service culture unless your people change first!

Experience These Learning Outcomes!

  • Understand and apply fundamental people, communication and active listening skills.  Establish more effective relationships that develop lifetime customers.
  • Identify and develop specific service actions for customer touchpoints that raise the bar on Service Excellence with consistency.
  • Incorporate your quality service culture into a practical and easily remembered process with the 4 A's Service Excellence Process:  Acknowledge, Analyze, Accommodate and Appreciate.  This becomes your guide to get everyone focused on the customer and becomes repeatable.  Best practices will evolve over time to continue to raise the bar.
  • Know and appreciate how important your internal customers are in the delivery of your quality service to your external customers.  In some instances, it's harder to work together internally than it is to serve externally.

Create your quality service culture where every associate is in The Habit of Service™ by meeting and exceeding your customer expectations.​