​​​​Next Generation Selling

A Sales Certification Process

LEVEL 1 - Next Generation Selling: 

Successful Habits For

The Sales Professional®

LEVEL 2 - Next Generation Skills For Negotiation-Selling:  Advanced Selling Skills For

The Sales Professional®

LEVEL 3:  The Sales Professional® Account Management Practices

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Service Excellence

The quality of customer service is one of the few variables that can differentiate a business from its competition.

Persuasive Leadership

The secret today is taking the time to communicate the "why's" to get people to maximize their potential to be the best.

Training Programs

The training of adults is similar to how professional athletes train.  It takes practice, drill and repetition in order to execute the fundamentals to win and to do it instinctively, automatically and by habit.

Our formula for learning is TRAINING + PRACTICE = HABIT.  Training becomes the vehicle for change, levels the playing field and brings everyone together, united as one team.  Reinforcement and follow-up are achieved by practicing and applying the skills to become proficient and develop the right habits.  When you can execute these fundamentals without thinking about it, you have reached a learning plateau.  Once achieved, begin again to add another skill level as learning is never-ending.

Butler Learning Systems' methodology is learner-centered vs. teacher-directed for total participant engagement.  When you get adults together and get them involved, they learn from each other. Synergistic results can be achieved when the learning environment is open to participation, discussion and workshops that develop specific action plans.  This approach to learning has become Butler's hallmark of success since 1959. "We facilitate, we don't just instruct."

All successful training programs are driven by management.  Your managers must take ownership to the process (use it themselves) and "drive it down" through the ranks.  Butler provides a follow-up process that enables your managers to continue ongoing development and use of these training skills.  Additional training on Leadership and Coaching IS available for managers to sustain your training culture.

Additional Training Curriculum

We have a wealth of proven training resources available to support your people development process.  Let us design and customize a learning process just for you.

Leadership & Coaching                          Train The Trainer                                       Dealer Training

Customer Service                                   Inside Sales/Counter Sales                       Service Techs

Presentation Skills                                  Personality Assessments                          Time Management & Goal Setting

T.E.A.M. Selling                                      Team Building                                            Online Learning

Webinars                                                Weekly Sales/Service Tips